It’s time to step up your web game.

For businesses today having a digital presence isn’t an option and it’s not just about marketing. Many companies know this and recognize that it can be hard to put in the time to post content, respond to comments and messages, handle website outages, etc., especially when you have an actual business to run too.

Your customers view your website and/or your social media profile(s) as the front door of your shop, they want to come in, look around and maybe ask some questions or book an appointment, you need to be prepared to accommodate all of these needs. That is why we’re here, to partner with you to cultivate and manage a digital presence that:

  1. Attracts leads
  2. Converts those leads into customers
  3. Keeps them coming back with engaging content and reliable service

Businesses get found by having a strong digital presence, nobody looks in the phone book anymore, and we all skip through the commercials on TV with our DVR. Word of mouth is the best marketing option in our book, but it’s more effective when people have links to your quality content and contact info to share with their friends and family, making recommendations via Facebook, email, and text, etc.

That’s where we come in

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Forty4Digital is a digital agency offering web design and development, marketing services, software development and training resources.

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Google Featured Snippets

They aren’t super easy to get, but they are amazing for building trust and driving high-quality traffic to your business. Check out this video on Google Featured Snippets from Hubspot: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-optimize-for-googles-featured-snippet-box

Facebook Pixel Getting Started Guide

What’s the Facebook pixel you ask? It’s a small piece of code that you install on your website (not your Facebook page) that tracks whenever users visit your website or take other actions and uses the information to provide insights and optimizations for your Facebook Ads.


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