Facebook Pixel Getting Started Guide

What’s the Facebook pixel you ask? It’s a small piece of code that you install on your website (not your Facebook page) that tracks whenever users visit your website or take other actions and uses the information to provide insights and optimizations for your Facebook Ads.


The information gained can help you to improve the performance of your website, ads, and other digital properties. You can use the pixel to expand your customer base by targeting Facebook users with similar demographics and browsing habits as your website’s users. The pixel also enables “remarketing” which means you can show targeted ads to users that have taken specific actions on your site, like abandoning a shopping cart or contact form.

Setting up the Pixel

To complete this guide you will need an account with Facebook Advertising and you will need a website and access to your website’s code files (make sure you back up your files and you know what you’re doing!).

Step 1

Creating your pixel

Go to facebook.com/events_manager/pixel/ and click on Create a PixelCreate a Pixel

Next click Create and then click on Manually Install the Code Yourself.Copy the Code

Step 2

Install the code on your site

Now you need to take the code that we copied in the last step and paste it into your website’s HTML code, just above the </head> closing tag. Depending on how your website is configured you might find this tag in a file called index.html, or you might need to modify multiple files. If you have a CMS like WordPress then you can probably find the <head>...</head> section in your themes header.php file.

Step 3

Test it out

After you install the code on your site you need to test it out. Go back to the pixel setup page and click on Send Test Traffic.Send Test Traffic

Next, you should install the Pixel Helper chrome extension, this will let you know if your pixel and all the events that you set up to track are working properly. Once that is done visit your site to make sure the extension is working.

Now you can go back to the Facebook Events Manager and click Continue to add tracking events for your pixel:Continue to add events

And you can generate codes to insert on your site for tracking different events:

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Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/952192354843755

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